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Other Practice Areas

In addition to personal injury, our other practice areas of the law include real estate, wills & trusts, probate estates, business transactions, and civil litigation.

Real Estate

We can handle your real estate transaction from start to finish, whether the real estate is your home, commercial property, or farmland. Whether you are represented by a realtor, auctioning your property, or trying to sell your property on your own, please call us for all your real estate needs.

In addition to preparing the purchase agreement, deed, and other closing documents, we issue title insurance (i.e., owner and lender policies) on behalf of Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. We issue title insurance on any Illinois property located in Adams County, Brown County, Hancock County, or Schuyler County.

So, if you are a realtor, attorney, or mortgage lender and would like to order title insurance for your transaction, you may initiate your title insurance order through the contact form. You can also call, fax, or email us.

Title Insurance

Staff & Staff is a title insurance agent for Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. (ATG®).

ATG is a title insurance company that insures against loss resulting from defects in or liens on title to real estate. Staff & Staff provides title insurance to both homebuyers and lenders on any Illinois property located in Adams County, Brown County, Hancock County, or Schuyler County.

Staff & Staff is a certified ALTA Best Practices title insurance agent, meaning it is fully compliant with the new quality control standards authored by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) that were designed to help the lending community reduce its liability and ensure the highest level of its regulatory compliance.

So, if you are a realtor, attorney, or mortgage lender who would like to order title insurance for your transaction, you can reach out to us through call, fax, or email.

Civil Litigation

We litigate civil cases in both state and federal courts. Whether prosecuting or defending a civil claim, we can and will litigate your matter if it becomes necessary.

We litigate all types of civil matters, including, but not limited to: personal injury and wrongful death claims, real estate-related matters (including partition suits), all types of contract-related matters, and estate and trust-related matters (including will contests).

Please give us a call @ (217) 228-8470 to discuss your civil matter to see if we can help you resolve it.

Business Transactions

If you run a small business and want to protect your personal assets from the liabilities of the business, contact us. In consultation with your accountant, we can help you form a business entity, such as a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation.

We also form partnerships, including limited liability partnerships, and work with our clients in drafting the right partnership agreement for their joint venture.

In addition to forming business entities, we assist clients in buying and selling existing businesses and also consult our clients on an as-needed basis on various contract-related matters relative to their business.

Wills, Trusts, & Estates

Let us help you make a practical estate plan. Creating an effective estate plan for preserving and passing your assets to your loved ones or charity does not have to be complicated and expensive. We won’t send you home with a large 3-ring binder full of unnecessary or complex documents you can’t understand.

An estate plan typically includes a combination of either a will, a will with a testamentary trust, or a living trust, and advanced directives, including a living will and durable powers of attorney covering financial and healthcare decisions made by your designated agent in the event of your incapacity. We will work to make your estate plan as simple as possible and still meet your objectives.

We can help you in the following scenarios,

  • You are just starting your family and want to plan for the upbringing of your minor children in the event of your death
  • You want to plan for your child with special needs
  • You want to plan for your spouse and/or children’s inheritance differently than what the State of Illinois’ law of intestacy provides
  • You are in your golden years and need to update your plan for estate tax purposes or any other reason

Please give us a call @ (217) 228-8470, we can help.

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